Viber Dialer - Dial and save Viber number

Follow the 3 simple steps. It helps to insert the phone number in correct format to Viber by viber://. ✅ Tested by the users.

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1) Phone number international prefix

You can change it.

2) Complete the phone number

Without symbol "+" or "00", e.g.:
+999999999 -
00999999999 -
999999999 -

3) Open in Viber

Tools for you

Quick link URL with use viber:// with your preset phone number

Quick link URL to this page with your preset phone number

HTML code with your number to your site with text:
"Open chat in Viber"

How to send Viber message to unsaved number

It is easy. Follow the 3 simple and quick steps at the top of this page.
1) Choose which international prefix your number has.
2) Enter the rest of the phone number.
3) Confirm with Open in Viber.

How to send Viber messages without saving the number?

On official Viber app, there is no possibility to dial an unsave phone number. But Viber has an official API that lets you open a chat with an unsaved phone number. It is a link in that format viber://chat?number=xxxxxxxxxxxx, where the letters x replace the phone number. This API is used on this site - somethink like Viber dialler, and this site helps you enter the phone number in the correct international format, which is necessary.

How to send Viber messages without saving the number on Android?

There are Android apps where you can open a chat in Viber when you enter the number in international format. You must install these applications on your mobile phone. Since this service is not part of the official Viber app, you may find a third-party app. And when you install unfamiliar applications on your device, there is a greater security risk.

If you follow the three steps above, you won't install anything on your device, and it's safer.

How to send Viber messages without saving the number on iPhone?

With iPhone, you run a smaller security risk. However, there are other disadvantages if you use a third-party application. These include taking care of another application, managing storage on your device, etc. Using this web application to send a message and open a chat to a number you don't have in your contacts is definitely a better option.

What prefixs can I use in international Viber number?

The most searched prefix codes are +91 (India), +95 (Myanmar), +1 (United States), +43 (Austria), +32 (Belgium), +382 (Montenegro), +1-340 (U.S. Virgin Islands), +502 (Guatemala), +358 (Finland), +597 (Suriname), +962 (Jordan), +389 (Macedonia), +49 (Germany), +593 (Ecuador), +34 (Spain), +386 (Slovenia), +249 (Sudan), +970 (Palestine), +856 (Laos), +253 (Djibouti), etc.

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